Linda Sandersis an enriched culture with a wide diversity in its foods. Not only the Mediterranean people but also, people throughout the world are interested in this food culture. These recipes have passed the boundaries and countries and reached places beyond imagination. And in this quest, we would like to join you and help you to take these cultures from doors to doors. ‘Mediterranean recipes’ is founded by Linda Sanders. It solely believes in offering our personal recipes containing Mediterranean items for those who are willing to bring some new dishes in the dining table and want to surprise their families. It does not matter from where they have come or where they belong to. Linda Sanders is a food expert with a diverse knowledge and specialty in Mediterranean recipes. Also, she has an expertise in making food recipes considering all health and safety issues. She tried to make sure all the recipes are not only delicious also healthy. Moreover, these recipes are designed so that people from any corner can easily avail the ingredients and instructions are easily implementable. No matter what your location is, these recipes are easy to follow and easy to execute. We always believe in food culture is an important streamline of cultural exchange. And if the food is good, we will contain the culture and carry it with you too. Thus it will remain alive forever. So, for this noble quest, we are here with you, with all delicious Mediterranean recipes.